Best Food For Migraine; Eat And Be Free From Pain

Migraine is different from a common headache. Its intensity is greater thus bring a lot of pain more than any headache. Moreover, it brings some physical after effect and lasts long. Fortunately, it’s possible to control migraines by eating the right food. Some foods have an effect to reduce the frequency of getting a migraine. So, what is the best food for migraine? Let’s read to find out more.

best food for migraine

1. Vegetables and Fruits

Green, orange and yellow vegetables such as carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes are some of the best food for migraine. Don’t forget to mention the fruits especially the non-citrus fruits such as cranberries and cherries. These kinds of vegetables and fruits help reduce migraines, particularly in women.

That’s because vegetables and fruits contain plant estrogen that can balance the negative estrogen our body makes. When you eat them, the fibers in these foods help the body to remove the excess estrogens and the waste so it can’t enter the bloodstream. Furthermore, these kinds of foods are low in fat. That’s mean you will produce fewer estrogen when you eat these. 

2. Fatty Fish

When you’re frequently getting a migraine and suffer from it, it’s better for you to eat fatty fish. Salmon, mackerel, and trout are the fishes that are believed to control the migraine. It is because these fishes contain omega-3-fatty acids, EPA and DHA.

Some researches find that using this compound as supplementary, can reduce the severity and frequency of migraines. So, if now you’re still suffering from migraine it’s maybe the time for you to change your diet with these fatty fishes.

3. Coffee

This is maybe a little contradictory. While coffee is known as a trigger of migraines in some people, unexpectedly it’s quite effective to reduce migraines when it strikes. You can drink some cups of coffee whenever you get migraines to relieve the pain. This effect is due to caffeine that helps to shrink the swollen blood vessel in the brain. As a result, the pain can be reduced.

4. Gingers

Although it’s still not widely tested for headache relief, some research shows that ginger does help reduce people’s suffering from migraines. That’s because it contains the compounds that are similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It works by blocking the substance that causing migraines called prostaglandins. But even if it can cure migraine, at least gingers do help to relieve nausea that often comes with migraine.

5. Rich Magnesium Food

Do you often suffer from migraines? If that’s the case, you should eat a lot of food rich in magnesium. Beans, whole grain or vegetables with dark leaves are the foods that contained a lot of magnesium. Eating rich magnesium food can help you to reduce your brain’s sensitivity to the migraine trigger.

After all, if your body is in low magnesium, it will make the brain is extra sensitive to migraine triggers thus make you get migraines frequently.

Migraine sometimes comes suddenly that it makes us unable to do activities. Eat the best food for migraine can help to relieve the pain or reduce the frequency of getting a migraine. And don’t forget to take your medicine when a migraine comes.