Hand Wash Vs Washing Machine For Baby Clothes, Which One Is Better?

Washing baby’s clothes is actually not complicated. Indeed, it might not exactly the same as for the adult’s clothes. But, still, you can make it a simple way. Except, your baby’s skin is sensitive or having skin problems, such as dry skin, eczema, or other rashes. Here you need to think about special treatment for their clothes. Some parents love to wash their own hands. They believe it is better than using a washing machine. However, this option invites some discussions about hand wash vs washing machine for baby clothes. Which one is the solution to protect your baby’s skin?

Hand Wash Vs Washing Machine For Baby Clothes

Further discussion, people not only talk about hand wash vs washing machine for baby clothes. They also concern the detergent, water temperature, spinning power, until the drying method. You might think it is difficult dealing with the baby’s laundry. Be calm, mommies. It doesn’t seem that confusing. See the points below that you should pay attention to when washing your baby’s clothes. Then, whether you use your hand or a machine, there will be no cons anymore.

1. Special Detergent

As we mentioned above, a detergent is one of the issues for the baby’s laundry. Indeed, you cannot avoid this point because detergent is essential to their skin. Since your baby’s skin is still soft and sensitive, it potentially easy to get irritation. Moreover, when your baby’s skin has problems, there is nothing to excuse not using a special detergent. Use only detergent for baby’s clothes. Besides it contains saver ingredients, the clothes will be gentler too.

2. Length of Time

Even though you see a stubborn stain, you don’t need hours to get rid of it. The stain on the baby’s clothes is easy to be removed. Thus, 30 minutes is enough to soak, then you directly wash all of them afterward. Don’t soak it too long because it will get smelly and the bacteria might build up.

3. Water Temperature

Actually, there is no strict rule for water temperature. Remember, the special treatment is only for the baby with special skin conditions. For regular clothes, you can use cold or room temperature water. But we recommend you to wash with warm water for cloth diapers and undergarments. It is due to kill the bacteria from their pee and poo. If you use a thermometer, you might set the water around 35-40-degree Celsius.

4. Wash Separately

No matter you wash with hand or washing machine, separate the clothes is a must. Don’t wash your clothes together with the baby’s because it might infect the bacteria. Even though your clothes look to have no stain, but, still, you never know what sticks on it. Better to wash your baby’s first, then yours.

5. Drying Method

The drying method also has pros and cons. When you dry the clothes by hand, probably you stretch the fabric. Then, the clothes will look shabby. Also, drying with a hand is not really effective. While, for the washing machine users, sometimes people left for hours. Even though the drying process is done, never left inside the machine. It can grow mold that affects health.

By understanding the points above, no need to argue more about hand wash vs washing machine for baby clothes. Both of the methods are good if you watch those five factors. Once your baby’s skin shows worse symptoms or irritation, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.