5 Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Bark That You Should Know

Cinnamon bark has a soothing aroma with a sweet and spicy taste sensation. This herb is usually added to some cuisines to make it more appetizing. Not only for that, but you can also use cinnamon bark to keep your body healthy. So, below are some health benefits of cinnamon bark.

1. Controlling Blood Sugar

In the body, there is insulin hormone. That hormone’s function is to help the glucose in the blood to get into the cells. If the insulin is less, the body will get a problem to process the glucose. It will cause glucose to stay in the blood. This is how diabetes happens.

So, here is the role of cinnamon bark. This herb can help to increase insulin release from the pancreas. Therefore, it will be easier for glucose to get into the cells. As a result, the blood sugar can be normalized.

There are various ways to use cinnamon bark for controlling blood sugar. One of them is by using it as a sugar substitute. You can add it as a mixture when making a cake or dessert. Adding it to your tea or coffee will also give a new sensation for your drink.

2. Fighting Bacteria and Fungi

One of the health benefits of cinnamon bark is to fight bacteria and fungi. It is because this herb contains cinnamaldehyde as its main active component. This organic compound can prevent the growth of some bacteria and fungi.

When your body has been protected from bacteria and fungi, it will be stronger to deal with any infection. It can also tolerate some weather changes. Therefore, the diseases, especially those that have a mild infection, will not be easy to infect your body.

3. Overcoming Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease usually attacks the elderly people. Generally, this disease happens when there is excessive protein buildup in the brain. Besides, there is also neurofibrils tangling that causes the nutrition supply is being blocked.

Cinnamon bark can help the brain to increase its ability to clean itself up. It includes cleaning the protein buildup. But, of course, it is better to use it as a preventive way.

4. Reducing Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can cause some diseases depends on where it happens. It can be influenza, bronchitis, appendicitis, until meningitis. Cinnamon bark contains antioxidants that are trusted can reduce the inflammation.

To make it easier to consume, you can add it to a cup of milk. Adding it to cuisine is also a good way. This ingredient is suitable for both sweet or savory food.

5. Reducing Menstrual Cramps

Most women have cramps when they get menstruation. This situation is sometimes being an obstacle to do daily activities. Luckily, cinnamon bark can be an alternative to reduce menstrual cramps.

There is a tasty recipe you can make to consume it and being aromatherapy at once. You only need water and honey as adding. Take a glass, then put ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon powder into it. Then pour warm water and add honey. Stir it well and it is ready to drink.

Those are 5 health benefits of cinnamon bark you can get. Why should you look for some drugs if you can be healthy with herbs? You can find cinnamon bark in the nearest market. Take the advantages, and let’s live a healthier life.

Best Food For Migraine; Eat And Be Free From Pain

Migraine is different from a common headache. Its intensity is greater thus bring a lot of pain more than any headache. Moreover, it brings some physical after effect and lasts long. Fortunately, it’s possible to control migraines by eating the right food. Some foods have an effect to reduce the frequency of getting a migraine. So, what is the best food for migraine? Let’s read to find out more.

best food for migraine

1. Vegetables and Fruits

Green, orange and yellow vegetables such as carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes are some of the best food for migraine. Don’t forget to mention the fruits especially the non-citrus fruits such as cranberries and cherries. These kinds of vegetables and fruits help reduce migraines, particularly in women.

That’s because vegetables and fruits contain plant estrogen that can balance the negative estrogen our body makes. When you eat them, the fibers in these foods help the body to remove the excess estrogens and the waste so it can’t enter the bloodstream. Furthermore, these kinds of foods are low in fat. That’s mean you will produce fewer estrogen when you eat these. 

2. Fatty Fish

When you’re frequently getting a migraine and suffer from it, it’s better for you to eat fatty fish. Salmon, mackerel, and trout are the fishes that are believed to control the migraine. It is because these fishes contain omega-3-fatty acids, EPA and DHA.

Some researches find that using this compound as supplementary, can reduce the severity and frequency of migraines. So, if now you’re still suffering from migraine it’s maybe the time for you to change your diet with these fatty fishes.

3. Coffee

This is maybe a little contradictory. While coffee is known as a trigger of migraines in some people, unexpectedly it’s quite effective to reduce migraines when it strikes. You can drink some cups of coffee whenever you get migraines to relieve the pain. This effect is due to caffeine that helps to shrink the swollen blood vessel in the brain. As a result, the pain can be reduced.

4. Gingers

Although it’s still not widely tested for headache relief, some research shows that ginger does help reduce people’s suffering from migraines. That’s because it contains the compounds that are similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It works by blocking the substance that causing migraines called prostaglandins. But even if it can cure migraine, at least gingers do help to relieve nausea that often comes with migraine.

5. Rich Magnesium Food

Do you often suffer from migraines? If that’s the case, you should eat a lot of food rich in magnesium. Beans, whole grain or vegetables with dark leaves are the foods that contained a lot of magnesium. Eating rich magnesium food can help you to reduce your brain’s sensitivity to the migraine trigger.

After all, if your body is in low magnesium, it will make the brain is extra sensitive to migraine triggers thus make you get migraines frequently.

Migraine sometimes comes suddenly that it makes us unable to do activities. Eat the best food for migraine can help to relieve the pain or reduce the frequency of getting a migraine. And don’t forget to take your medicine when a migraine comes. 

The Current Public Health News – Gastroenteritis

We will show you the current public health news. It is about gastroenteritis. What is it? This is a condition when your stomach absorbs more than it needs. This is a short-term condition due to swelling and infection on your digestive tract. In some cases, this condition also involves some viruses and certain medications.


This information is worth to be put on the current public health news. Gastroenterology is the department that will take care of the digestive tract and anything that happens in that area. The painful thing that makes you feel the pain in your stomach is the peptic ulcer. And sometimes, this is also the case of gastroenteritis.

What is Gastroenteritis?

Generally, it includes stomach cramps, vomiting, and even diarrhea. It takes a few days to cure this condition. In many cases, this condition is caused by some viruses like astrovirus, rotavirus, norovirus, and many more which can be found in contaminated water. 

When you drink or eat fruits, veggies and other things that have been exposed to the virus, it will hit you within 48 hours. We also call it stomach flu.

The symptoms

The symptoms that may come to your body include abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Later, it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, and severe chills. In other cases, the symptoms include skin irritation, sweating, stiffness in the joints, fever, weight loss, muscular discomfort, and so on. Many things can lead to this condition but the main culprit is the virus. At some point, a certain antibiotic type could cause this condition to those who are susceptible.

Other factors

Also, some other factors may contribute to this condition in some people. Those who have a food intolerance and digestive disorders could be prone to this condition as well. If you experience the symptoms like we have mentioned above and there is no sign it gets better, you should see a doctor immediately.

What to Eat and What to Avoid

Once you get treated by your doctor, you may eat some foods that would speed up the healing. The foods include bananas, potatoes, rice, applesauce, and toast. On the other hand, you need to avoid certain foods such as dairy products, caffeine, sugary foods, high-fat foods, and alcohol

Other than that, you may want to watch your food portion to let your stomach heals perfectly. And this is the end section of current public health news.

Health-Related Current Events: Virginia Doctor was Charged with Health Care Fraud

Javaid Perwaiz, a Virginia doctor was arrested for performing health care fraud to his patients. The court documents revealed that Perwaiz had broken doctor’s ethics codes for many times. In one instance, Perwaiz conducted hysterectomies without the permission of the patient.

Breaking the Doctor’s Ethics Code

The health care fraud performed by Javaid Perwaiz is one of the health-related current events that become a concern for many people, especially those who are living in Virginia. Perwaiz, 69, is an obstetrician and gynecologist that builds practices in Chesapeake, Va. He was also reported to have affiliation with Chesapeake Regional Medical Center in Virginia and Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center in Portsmouth. 

Javaid Perwaiz who has been practicing in medical services for more than 30 years started to face an investigation from the FBI in September 2018. The investigation was done since the bureau received reports that Dr. Perwaiz was suspected to conduct unnecessary surgeries on his patients. Most of the time, the patients did not know the surgery procedures they were undergoing. Additionally, the affidavit was not identified by name, but just initials said the patients. The staff of the hospitals where Javaid Perwaiz affiliated with also found it difficult to keep up with the doctor. This is because he often ran out from one procedure to another. The doctor had to attend the detention hearing schedule at Federal District Court in Norfolk on Friday in green scrubs. Earlier before, Perwaiz was also registered as an inmate at the Western Tidewater Regional Jail, Va. 

Malpractices by Javaid Perwaiz

Javaid Perwaiz was accused to conduct a lot of malpractice procedures and has become a subject of 8 different malpractice lawsuits. The court documents revealed the malpractices conducted by the doctor. It was said that Perwaiz had performed 30 surgeries just within a day, falsified records of the patients to justify a certain medical procedure, provide substandard care to the patients, and failed to conduct less invasive techniques. 

In one case, Dr. Perwaiz told his patient that she needed a hysterectomy procedure since there was an imminent onset of cancer. The patient opted to have a surgical procedure to remove her ovaries. However, instead of getting what she wanted, the patient found that the doctor had performed a total abdominal hysterectomy on her without her consent. The court documents also revealed other facts include the investigators told by the witnesses that Dr. Perwaiz often used the “C” word (cancer). This was aimed to frighten the patients. In this way, they would agree to have surgery procedures as soon as possible.