How To Raise A Kitten To Be Affectionate

When you welcome a kitten, he will need time to adjust to the new environment. Let the kitten explore and discover new things by itself. Even so, many things can be done to help kittens grow and develop. Although sometimes nagging, the cat is very effective for reducing stress! In addition to catapulting, cats can also be friends when sad. But it will all go smoothly if you know how to properly care for your cat at home. Caring for a kitten lovingly will have a positive impact. Especially to the cats that will later show an attitude of affection too. Then how to raise a kitten to be affectionate check out the following review.

1. Understand The Nutritional Needs And Intake From Childhood

You know, if a kitten needs twice the amount of nutrition than an adult cat? But that does not mean it has to be fed continuously. Usually, the kitten will start learning to eat after the age of 5-6 weeks even though it is still suckling on its mother. You can give food regularly 4 times every day. Also, make sure you choose a cat food that contains lots of vitamins and nutrients for the health of the cat.

2. Bathe Cats Regularly

Feeling uncomfortable with cat hair that starts to smell? You can bathe it occasionally. When bathing, you should choose cold water. Because hot water will only damage the fur and cause skin irritation in cats. If your cat is fussy, use wet wipes. To be more fragrant, you can also spray a special cat perfume to the body to avoid the growth of fleas.

3. Brush Your Cat’s Fur Regularly

Although cats are quite independent pets, it doesn’t hurt if you occasionally spoil them. You can start by brushing your hair frequently with a special comb. Especially if your cat has thick fur. Besides being able to make the cat feel comfortable, it can also help remove dead hair, germs, and bacteria in the cat’s fur.

4. Go Out And Play With Him

Just like you, you must be bored. Caring for any cat, including taking a walk and fun. Let me not only exercise but also a happy soul. If it’s hard to take a walk, you can still cheer him up anyway. Buy some cat toys to make them more active and agile.

5. Caring For Cleanliness And Health Of The Body

Be diligent at cleaning your cat’s teeth, ears and nails. These places are usually very vulnerable to germs and bacteria. Besides, if left dirty, this can cause infection and disease in cats. In addition to cleaning the body from the outside, occasionally give the cat worm medicine regularly in 3 months. Don’t forget, give the rabies vaccine once a year.

Caring for cats requires a lot of responsibility and is no joke. Besides being demanded to be able to understand their needs, you must also be prepared to be bothered at any time. Cats need love and affection for a healthy life. If the cat is properly cared for and loved, the cat will love you again. Some of the tips above will certainly help you how to raise a kitten to be affectionate.

How the Animals Communicate?

Are you wondering how can animal communicate with each other or humans? Of course, animals can communicate but it is not the same as a human’s way of communicating. How do they communicate then?

Body Language Animals can communicate without sounds. By using their body language, what they meant is already known by their “friends” or can be interpreted by humans. The examples are dogs will lower their body and stretch their front legs to give his or her owner a signal to play, gorillas will stick their tongue out when they get angry, fireflies will glow to attract mates, and cats rub the objects that they want to mark them.


When animals make a sound, then they are communicating. It can be from barking, hissing, or growling. It can mean that they are happy, sad, annoyed, angry, or in pain. It can also be the way they attract their mates.

Color Change 

The animal of skin-color changing often is seen, such as chameleon, octopus, and cuttlefish. They usually change their skin color triggered by temperature or their mood, especially for camouflage that can protect them when they feel danger is coming. They also change their color to attract their mates or just give the signal that the female is ready to mate.


Touching is also a way of communicating. It can be a sign of affection. Mammals usually initiate mating by rubbing, stroking, and grooming. It also can be the signal from the male to mount the female. 

Sign Language 

Can animal communicate by sign language? Do you know Koko the female gorilla? She can use sign language like a professional. Sign language is based on American Sign Language. It also can be the proof that animals can learn something that human does. So far, chimps and gorillas are the animals that are taught the human sign language. Sign language is also can be learned by the dog. You can just use the sign of sit, stay, eat now, or anything that you want to teach them. It is different from the sign language of humans, of course.


Many animals urinate on a certain spot to make their territories which mean that they are the owner of that area. Another example is when domestic cats put their forehead onto someone, it means that this someone already belongs to them.

So, can animal communicate? Definitely yes. They use certain movements or sounds to communicate with each other.

All the Animals in The World: Rarest Animals on The Earth

Do you know some of the rarest animals on earth? Rarest animals are rarely found on earth because they
are very few. However, this does not mean that the earth does not have rarest animals. Earth has some
of the rarest animals you should know about. Then, what is the rarest animal on earth? Here is the
information you need about all the animals in the world.
1. The Yangtze Finless Porpoise
Have you ever heard the name of this animal? This animal is the name of a dolphin that lives in the
Yangtze River , the longest river in Asia. However, these animals become scarce due to
environmental changes that result in them not being able to reproduce properly. Even these animals have
a declining and endangered population. At present, the population of this animal is estimated to have
declined even more.
2. Borneo Pygmy Elephant
The second all the animals in the world are located on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. This animal is one
of the dwarf elephants in Kalimantan. However, these elephants have become scarce due to human
hunting and deforestation. The environmental impact that resulted in these animals can’t grow well and
get food in their ecosystem. It is estimated that there are only 1,000 animals and is expected to decline.

3. Colombian Dwarf Gecko
If you usually find a gecko that has a length of about 10 cm, but what if you find a gecko that has a length
of only 2 centimeters? If you want to find the shop, then you can see the Colombian Dwarf Gecko. This
type of gecko can only be found in Colombia and is the smallest shop in the world. However, the number
of geckos is getting smaller because of the hunt from humans and some even say that this gecko is
extinct related to all the animals in the world.
4. Cebu Flowerpecker
This type of animal is a type of bird that has colorful feathers that are very unique. This bird has a feather
color like blue, white, red, and also yellow. Because this bird is very unique and beautiful, many people
who hunt to get this bird. This bird can only be found in the area of Cebu, Philippines.
5. The Banded Ground-Cuckoo
The last of all the animals in the world is the banded ground-cuckoo. This bird comes from one of the
forests in Ecuador and is one of the rare birds in the world. This bird is like a pigeon but this type of bird
has a beautiful blue color. It is estimated that this bird experienced extinction due to the decreasing
number of population and only around 1500 birds.