Internet Games To Play And How To Control It

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Addiction to internet games to play is one of the adverse effects. Because you cannot control the game, you may be able to neglect other things that should be your duty. Addicted to playing games is also not good for body health because it could be doing games to forget regular breaks, and eat nutritious foods. Because it regulates and gives self-control over the game time is a must. Many underestimate the negative effects of addiction to playing games, whereas the bad effects can affect yourself and the environment. A person who cannot divide his time between playing games and his other life will have difficulty completing other tasks they have. The following are some things you can do to get started.

create other hobbies that are fun and can keep you busy

So that the mind is no longer focused on the game, you have to concern yourself with various other activities. For example, a walk in the park, playing with friends, or even sports. In other words, do various activities that make you productive, so there are no more thoughts or time to play games. internet games to play might be a major hobby, but it’s not impossible other activities also become fun hobbies too. Look again at another hobby that has been forgotten or even a new hobby that is more fun and useful. Make this hobby a new activity to divert attention from various games, so that the day becomes more fun and not just focus on the game.

Make a schedule for using the gadget and schedule for playing games

If you can’t or don’t want to stop, determine how long is the duration or when is the right time to play online games. For example, the allotment of playing online games per day is one hour. You can spend all at once, or divide into several sessions. In essence, do not play past the limits that have been determined. In this way, the important thing is your discipline. So don’t forget, you can turn on the alarm before playing the game. If you need to ask for help from the closest person to help remind you. Smartphones become one of the most widely used media to access gaming, so start reducing activities with this one device. Limit smartphone usage in daily activities, especially during recess hours, which are generally always used to access gaming.

How, are you ready to start doing other hobbies and limiting the internet games to play?

The Current Public Health News – Gastroenteritis

We will show you the current public health news. It is about gastroenteritis. What is it? This is a condition when your stomach absorbs more than it needs. This is a short-term condition due to swelling and infection on your digestive tract. In some cases, this condition also involves some viruses and certain medications.


This information is worth to be put on the current public health news. Gastroenterology is the department that will take care of the digestive tract and anything that happens in that area. The painful thing that makes you feel the pain in your stomach is the peptic ulcer. And sometimes, this is also the case of gastroenteritis.

What is Gastroenteritis?

Generally, it includes stomach cramps, vomiting, and even diarrhea. It takes a few days to cure this condition. In many cases, this condition is caused by some viruses like astrovirus, rotavirus, norovirus, and many more which can be found in contaminated water. 

When you drink or eat fruits, veggies and other things that have been exposed to the virus, it will hit you within 48 hours. We also call it stomach flu.

The symptoms

The symptoms that may come to your body include abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Later, it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, and severe chills. In other cases, the symptoms include skin irritation, sweating, stiffness in the joints, fever, weight loss, muscular discomfort, and so on. Many things can lead to this condition but the main culprit is the virus. At some point, a certain antibiotic type could cause this condition to those who are susceptible.

Other factors

Also, some other factors may contribute to this condition in some people. Those who have a food intolerance and digestive disorders could be prone to this condition as well. If you experience the symptoms like we have mentioned above and there is no sign it gets better, you should see a doctor immediately.

What to Eat and What to Avoid

Once you get treated by your doctor, you may eat some foods that would speed up the healing. The foods include bananas, potatoes, rice, applesauce, and toast. On the other hand, you need to avoid certain foods such as dairy products, caffeine, sugary foods, high-fat foods, and alcohol

Other than that, you may want to watch your food portion to let your stomach heals perfectly. And this is the end section of current public health news.

Online road trip planner

There is a lot of online road trip planner nowadays while planning your road trip for your niche travel to make it fun and exciting with online road trip planner your trip will be significantly different and will give more adventure. To make things planned out perfectly you can pick your online planner based on your area, with their area as their expertise online planner will give you the critical info and places you can visit in-between places, they also provide the certain feature and here we will share some of online road trip planner has to offer.


By their name of course what they need to fulfill first is the planning stage of your travel, please input your travel destination and date of lodging on their site, they will provide the best offer and the best option regarding the route and hotels you can pick, you don’t have to worry about reserving hotels when there are unforeseen event that makes you canceled your stay. They will also predict how long your route should be and limit how many hours you will travel so you can take leisure in sightseeing the beautiful scenery and landscape on your road trip. 


What makes an online road trip planner different is that they have the information regarding the steps you can have on the road trip. The big impact to rate your trip is great or not is the stops that you make, with that in mind they provide spots for you to look out for such as museums, monuments, national parks, and great view you can take a shot at in your stop, you can even add them to your planning to make your road trip perfectly planned and your online trip planner will make their change in your plan.


As explained above online trip planner also plans for your lodging either it was a campsite, hotel, or motel. They will provide the best possible place for you on your trip based on your location and budget, the will fill the check-in and check-out dates on your favorite site when you finally made your choice on lodging.

Traveling on the road is no longer a tedious task that requires full research about your trip areas and routes, and more if you visiting the place that has limited map routes. With these features, we aim to make your road trip will be an exciting adventure with an online trip planner.

3 Secrets to Get Cheap Flights and Car Rental Packages

When it comes to looking for cheap flights and car rental packages, you need to make sure that you have done it right. Besides the timing, there are some other secrets you can try to get a better deal. These tips from us come from insiders. So, you better try it and find out if you get a better deal.

How to Get Cheap Packages

Lesser-known sites offer better

Many of us would directly head to popular websites to get cheap flights and car rental packages. However, according to the insider, some lesser-known sites even offer interesting deals. If you are a traveler who does not care where to book but want a good deal, you should try to check Hotwire and Priceline.

Get rid of insurance potholes

Generally, your credit card, travel insurance, or personal car insurance would cover your vehicle if you rent a car. You need to make sure about that and read the policy. At some point, you can save up to USD 25 per day from renting a car. 

Do not forget to bring the proof about the insurance coverage. Before you and the renter exchange the key, you should already know about the insurance coverage.

Be aware of additional charge

We call it the outmaneuver fee and industry quirks. You may plan to collect the frequent-flier miles while renting a car. However, some companies will charge you USD 1 per day for this type of privilege. Also, be careful of other junk fees like a toll transponder, GPS, and satellite radio. You need to check all those things above so you will not need to pay for things you do not need to.

If possible, you should rent a car away from the airport. Generally, car rental around the airport could 20 percent more expensive because you need to pay taxes and other fees.

Benefits of Renting a Car

Renting a car while you are on a trip or holiday would be a huge investment. You will have your freedom to move anywhere you like. Also, you do not need to deal with the hassle of looking for uber which could save your transport money.

Also, if public transportation cannot bring you to the places you want, a private car could help. You do not need to wait for buses or subways. So, make sure you get cheap flights and car rental packages instead.

How To Choose The Best Travel Websites For Flights

Finding the best travel websites for flights is not easy. Among the many travel sites that offer promos and discounts, as well as various exciting packages for holidays, what is the best way to choose the most appropriate? Many are still deceived because they are not careful in choosing the site where they buy flight tickets. Actually, how do you choose the best travel websites for flights?

  1. Ask for a trusted friend’s recommendation

One of the easiest and most successful ways is to ask friends for recommendations. If you do not have much time to find out one by one about the flight ticket purchase sites around you, ask your experienced friends.

Usually, they will give you experience and impressions of some travel agents that he has used. The sign of a trusted and safe airline ticket booking site is to get recommendations and good reviews from previous customers.

Especially during hectic social media and travel tips sites, friends can be one reliable source with personal reviews that you can dig deeper into. Once you are sure, you can contact the agent directly to ask further.

  1. Take the time to research various sites

When you determine which airplane booking site is the best, then you don’t just do it on just one side, you might need a comparison to be able to determine which ticket purchase sites are the most trusted and safe. Looking for the best depends on your needs and personality. The key is to find a best travel websites for flights who has a neutral perspective, not just giving positive reviews and exorbitant promises about their services.

Tips on choosing the next travel agent are to focus on your interests and needs. From there, you can see whether he is a travel agent-oriented to customer needs or just focus on making money.

  1. Think about your vacation needs and adjust to the facilities offered

You must determine in advance about your vacation, such as when the date of departure, how long will be on vacation, which areas you will go to.

That way, it’s good if you already have specific goals. Tips for choosing the travel agent you need is to find a specific tourist destination. For example, a special travel agent to tour in several places, or come to a special area for a tour. Besides being more focused, the price offered is usually also easier for you to monitor.

Those are some ways to determine the best best travel websites for flights. Have you started saving money for a vacation budget?

Health-Related Current Events: Virginia Doctor was Charged with Health Care Fraud

Javaid Perwaiz, a Virginia doctor was arrested for performing health care fraud to his patients. The court documents revealed that Perwaiz had broken doctor’s ethics codes for many times. In one instance, Perwaiz conducted hysterectomies without the permission of the patient.

Breaking the Doctor’s Ethics Code

The health care fraud performed by Javaid Perwaiz is one of the health-related current events that become a concern for many people, especially those who are living in Virginia. Perwaiz, 69, is an obstetrician and gynecologist that builds practices in Chesapeake, Va. He was also reported to have affiliation with Chesapeake Regional Medical Center in Virginia and Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center in Portsmouth. 

Javaid Perwaiz who has been practicing in medical services for more than 30 years started to face an investigation from the FBI in September 2018. The investigation was done since the bureau received reports that Dr. Perwaiz was suspected to conduct unnecessary surgeries on his patients. Most of the time, the patients did not know the surgery procedures they were undergoing. Additionally, the affidavit was not identified by name, but just initials said the patients. The staff of the hospitals where Javaid Perwaiz affiliated with also found it difficult to keep up with the doctor. This is because he often ran out from one procedure to another. The doctor had to attend the detention hearing schedule at Federal District Court in Norfolk on Friday in green scrubs. Earlier before, Perwaiz was also registered as an inmate at the Western Tidewater Regional Jail, Va. 

Malpractices by Javaid Perwaiz

Javaid Perwaiz was accused to conduct a lot of malpractice procedures and has become a subject of 8 different malpractice lawsuits. The court documents revealed the malpractices conducted by the doctor. It was said that Perwaiz had performed 30 surgeries just within a day, falsified records of the patients to justify a certain medical procedure, provide substandard care to the patients, and failed to conduct less invasive techniques. 

In one case, Dr. Perwaiz told his patient that she needed a hysterectomy procedure since there was an imminent onset of cancer. The patient opted to have a surgical procedure to remove her ovaries. However, instead of getting what she wanted, the patient found that the doctor had performed a total abdominal hysterectomy on her without her consent. The court documents also revealed other facts include the investigators told by the witnesses that Dr. Perwaiz often used the “C” word (cancer). This was aimed to frighten the patients. In this way, they would agree to have surgery procedures as soon as possible. 


4 Ideas of Trending Fashion for Women in 2020

What is the trending fashion for women in 2020? For a modern woman, being trendy and fashionable is really important. That’s why; it is essential to know what probably becomes the trend in the next year. Yes, even the year of 2020 is just getting closer anyway. So, it is much better to know all of them starting from now. Based on some predictions, here are some trends to be popular next year. Check them out.

Monochromatic Bright Colors

Monochrome colors are related to minimalism. People may simply think about black, white, or dark brown to represent them. But do you know that the term is actually broader than that? Some bright colors can even be considered monochrome. One of them is monochromatic yellow that is inspired by Marigold flowers. This color idea is predicted to be famous for the next summer.

Teal and Aqua Colors

Bright colors like yellow are not the only trend for the next year. For those of you who prefer the calming ones, this idea may be good for you. They are some colors known as the mix of blue and green. They are things teal, aqua, and even mint. Those color ideas are not only great for your dresses and trousers. Even clutches, shoes, and accessories seem to be great with them.

Animal-Print Idea

Animal print is actually not a new idea. Even recently, some people may think that they are too old-fashioned. But do you know that this idea will be the next trend to talk about in 2020? Yes, you can just see many ideas around the print out of the tiger-skin pattern, snake-skin pattern, and more. Combine them well with plain colors to avoid your appearance looking monotonous. Yes, a top with the zebra motif seems to look great with the teal idea mentioned above. You can even wear it together with a monochromatic yellow skirt.

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Soft and warm colors like white, brown, cream, caramel, and more are also predicted to be popular in 2020. Undeniably, those color ideas are timeless. People also tend to feel more comfortable and confident wearing those colors than the striking ones like red or yellow. However, the trend will be hyped at the end of the year. Yes, those warm colors are just great to add your winter fashion collections. In terms of design, vintage winter dresses with saggy cutting look stunning. Wear them together with sling bags and shoes with the same idea.

All the Animals in The World: Rarest Animals on The Earth

Do you know some of the rarest animals on earth? Rarest animals are rarely found on earth because they
are very few. However, this does not mean that the earth does not have rarest animals. Earth has some
of the rarest animals you should know about. Then, what is the rarest animal on earth? Here is the
information you need about all the animals in the world.
1. The Yangtze Finless Porpoise
Have you ever heard the name of this animal? This animal is the name of a dolphin that lives in the
Yangtze River , the longest river in Asia. However, these animals become scarce due to
environmental changes that result in them not being able to reproduce properly. Even these animals have
a declining and endangered population. At present, the population of this animal is estimated to have
declined even more.
2. Borneo Pygmy Elephant
The second all the animals in the world are located on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. This animal is one
of the dwarf elephants in Kalimantan. However, these elephants have become scarce due to human
hunting and deforestation. The environmental impact that resulted in these animals can’t grow well and
get food in their ecosystem. It is estimated that there are only 1,000 animals and is expected to decline.

3. Colombian Dwarf Gecko
If you usually find a gecko that has a length of about 10 cm, but what if you find a gecko that has a length
of only 2 centimeters? If you want to find the shop, then you can see the Colombian Dwarf Gecko. This
type of gecko can only be found in Colombia and is the smallest shop in the world. However, the number
of geckos is getting smaller because of the hunt from humans and some even say that this gecko is
extinct related to all the animals in the world.
4. Cebu Flowerpecker
This type of animal is a type of bird that has colorful feathers that are very unique. This bird has a feather
color like blue, white, red, and also yellow. Because this bird is very unique and beautiful, many people
who hunt to get this bird. This bird can only be found in the area of Cebu, Philippines.
5. The Banded Ground-Cuckoo
The last of all the animals in the world is the banded ground-cuckoo. This bird comes from one of the
forests in Ecuador and is one of the rare birds in the world. This bird is like a pigeon but this type of bird
has a beautiful blue color. It is estimated that this bird experienced extinction due to the decreasing
number of population and only around 1500 birds.