Although still recovering from the earthquake in 2010, many tourists longing to go to Haiti. The country which is located in Hispaniola Island has many places that worth to visit. Enticing scenery, beautiful beach, and historical building attract people who love to adventure to go. No wonder that place is so famous among travelers. And if you’re planning to go to Haiti, you may take a note on the things to do in Haiti.

Things to do in haiti

1. Visit Citadelle Laferrière

Visiting Citadelle Laferrière is one of the things to do in Haiti. This fortress is completed in 1820 with the help of 20.000 people. When the fortress is finished, it could support the royal family and the soldier of 5000 troops for the entire year. And people boast about Citadelle Laferrière as an impenetrable fortress for having a wall that 4 meters in thickness and 4 meters in height. 

When you visit there, you can indulge yourself in the horseriding while enjoying the scenery in the uphill. As you continue your trip, you will see a lot of people sell souvenirs, food or drinks. And because of the amazingness of the fortress people in Haiti calls it the world eight wonders. 

2. Come to Saut-d’Eau Waterfall

If you’re interested in a religious object, you can go to Sau-d’Eau. There is a belief among the Haitian that Virgin Mary had appeared near there. Because of the rumor, the local people make that place as a holy place. And so, people start the journey to the Saut- d’Eau Waterfall which is more than 20 km to ask the Virgin Mary for her blessing. 

For the tourist, Saut- d’Eau Waterfall is a nice place to visit. There is a religious festival that is held in three days that you can watch. Not only the religious spot, but you can also enjoy the scenery of Saut-d’Eau.

3. Make Time and Go to Ìle-à-Rat

When visiting Haiti, you can’t forget about this place, Ìle-à-Rat. It is a beautiful island with white sand, turquoise water. You will not bored if you go there. You can snorkel, or pay the fisherman to accompany you to the trip excursion around the island.

A beautiful place with a pretty beach is the things that will cross mind whenever people mention Ìle-à-Rat. That’s why this place is popular with people. So, if you visit Haiti, make sure to go to Ìle-à-Rat.

4. Visit the Museum of The People

Haiti’s beautiful scenery is not the only thing that attracts tourists. Visiting the Museum of The People is one of the things to do in Haiti that can be quite thrilling. After all, you can find a lot of things once you go there.

In this museum, you will find various taxidermied species of fauna such as flamingo and sad owl. Most of the taxidermied animal is the Haiti fauna. If you find yourself interested in Haiti history, you can find political propaganda from Duvalier and Aristide eras. Moreover, there is an exhibit of Vodou object that becomes the most interesting thing in the museum.

Haiti is a small country that attracts a lot of tourists for its scenery or culture. There are many things to do in Haiti that will never bore you. So, let’s pack your things and set the journey to Haiti.